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You Finally Realize Your Dream and Purchased an RV. Now What?

We understand that purchasing an RV is a major investment. The freedom you have, and the enjoyment you get from traveling in your RV is just one return on your investment, but why not have your RV work for you when you’re not using it?

Put Your RV To Work For You

Owning your own RV is a wonderful experience, but it comes with a few responsibilities. Monthly payments, insurance, storage and maintenance. Instead of letting your RV just sit in the driveway or in a storage lot, why not rent it out during the weeks and weekends you’re not able to enjoy it? Maybe the idea has crossed your mind at one time or another, but you didn’t know how to go about doing it, or you might have thought that the hassle would outweigh the benefits.

The extra income could make the payment for you, cover the costs of maintenance or just help you build your nest egg.

We Can Help!

Renting your RV through Going Places RV Rentals is simple and hassle-free. We have been renting owner’s RVs for over 10 years, and have worked all the bugs out of the process. We manage the advertising, all scheduling, screening renters and collecting payment. All you have to do is collect your share of the profits!

When not out on a rental, your RV will be stored in our secured lot, at absolutely no charge to you. Or, if you prefer, you can bring it to us when we have a confirmed rental scheduled.

And BEST OF ALL… You have full access and use of your RV, YOU decide when it is available for rent.

How Does the Program Work?

We only require that:

  • You submit proof that you are the registered owner of the RV
  • Your RV is in good mechanical condition
  • Your RV is in good cosmetic condition
  • Your RV has less than 80.000 miles
  • You can commit your RV for 1 year

What’s In It For Me?

  • You will receive 50% of the rental charge, and will be paid monthly for the charters in the previous month.
  • During busy season, payment is every two months.

Other Benefits

  • Your RV is covered for theft and damage under our $1M insurance policy.
  • Many of our customers are repeats, with a proven safety record.
  • Our experienced staff provides an extensive walk – through and instructions for use before the driver leaves our lot.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance is provided while your RV is out on charter.
  • We take care of the cleaning, sanitization and routine maintenance of your RV while it is in our charter inventory.
  • You can use your RV charter venture as a tax write-off.
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